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Cool this is one of my favorite episodes of dragon ball z r
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this is the best
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S4E15: Bold And Fearless
Air Date: Oct 11, 1999
S6E2: The Mysterious Youth
Air Date: Sep 5, 2000
S14E8: Find The Dragon Balls
Air Date: Sep 17, 2002
S7E6: More Androids
Air Date: Sep 21, 2000
S15E1: The Evil Of Men
Air Date: Oct 14, 2002
S10E10: The Games Begin
Air Date: Nov 27, 2000
S15E16: Meet Vegito
Air Date: Nov 8, 2002
S1E1: The Arrival Of Raditz
Air Date: Sep 13, 1996
S16E17: Goku's Next Journey
Air Date: Jan 31, 1996
S16E16: Buu's Reincarnation
Air Date: Apr 4, 2003
S16E15: Grandaughter Pan
Air Date: Jan 17, 1996
S1E2: The World's Strongest Team
Air Date: Sep 20, 1996
S10E20: The Unleashing
Air Date: Dec 13, 2000
S16E11: People Of Earth Unite
Air Date: Mar 27, 2003